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Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I started out the game with no knowledge of how it would play, what the story was, anything really (other than it having cute foxes lol, and being very highly praised) The game play was fun, enticing side quests and interesting exploration of a gorgeous world that sucked you in and made you want to find more. All the little details within the world made it feel real and like you were really a part of it, each time you did something really feeling like you’d made a difference. It was never boring as you worked your way through each area in an effort to help the people around you and level up. Every time I upgraded an item or found a new headband or hat, I felt accomplished. Each item more beautiful than the last making it difficult for me to decide what to wear 😆 I found myself spending hours clearing the fog on the map as I explored, finding new puzzles and interesting items along the way, liberating camps and of course, petting those cute foxes. The combat was exceptional. Never becoming a bore with repetitive actions like some games, there was always something new to try with different battle stances, new weapons, new ways to be stealthy and even right up to the end I was surprised with new and more brutal ways to fight. Loved the duels! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The world is stunning! Graphics are beautiful and I enjoyed the photo mode immensely. Mesmerized by the gorgeous scenery as I climbed mountains, traveled across beaches, got lost in beautiful forests, when I found another haiku to complete, or just took a moment to relax and reflect in the hot springs. It’s a truly stunning game. The characters were interesting and I became very attached to them and their stories. And the main story was great! I was utterly hooked throughout the entirety of it, I found myself nervous many times to progress for fear of what was to come, but also anxious and excited to complete the next challenge. By the end of the main story, I felt like a total badass. But I was wrecked with emotion and guilt, filled with happiness and pride. I felt so many emotions that I had not expected from this game when I set out playing for the first time. But what really sealed it for me was all the little things. Finding a note from a family dealing with torment, a dead pet, a trashed family home, the way the petals fell, the weather changes, your flute, the way people greeted you and how their perceptions changed as you progressed through the story, when you finished a quest how you’d find Jin doing something different each time, helping a peasant fill a cart, stroking his horse, fast asleep against his horse 🥺 all these little things helped it feel so much more real to me. And hooked me more each time. TEKKEN 8


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